• Abandonment - All items must be paid for in full before leaving the office/shop unless otherwise stated on the invoice. Items that have been repaired and not paid for or claimed 60 days after the invoice date are considered abandoned and become the property of Cass Computer Repair.  The item(s) may be sold after 60 days to cover the repair and labor cost.  The warranty may have also expired during this time.

  • Liability - Cass Computer Repair company nor its employees will be held responsible for any damages, theft, loss of data or privacy regarding customers item(s) either onsite or at the shop/office.

  • Returns - No returns on new items that were purchased after 7 calendar days of the sale/invoice date.  If a new item is returned within 7 calendar days there will be a 15% restocking fee and must be returned in the original packaging with no signs of defects.  There will be no returns of USED items.

  • Warranties - Cass Computer Repair warranty new replacement parts to that of the manufacturer’s limited warranty; if there is no manufacturer warranty then we will place a 30 day warranty on the replaced part(s).  New items come with a manufacturer limited warranty and no warranty by us.  Used items will come with a 60 day hardware warranty that will cover hardware related failure and does not include any issues with the operating system or programs installed on the operating system. Cass Computer Repair may choose to extend a hardware warranty longer than listed here but no less then stated here.  
  • Virus repair is NOT covered by warranty and this is because every computer is susceptible to viruses and it is the owner’s responsibility to use virus and malware protection software.