Consulting: Consulting is free. Please call, email or swing by our office and tell us what you are looking to accomplish.
We will also be happy to come out and take a look at a possible project you have in mind for your home or business.

Virus and Spyware Removal: We are able to remove most all viruses and spyware without causing any damage to files on the computer.
In some cases we will have to back up as much data and reload the computer to factory default settings and then restore your backed up files.

Network, Phone and CCTV Wiring: We can run new, additional and/or repair network, phone, TV coax and CCTV cables.
We also install door access control lock systems.

Repairs:  We can repair common issues such as broken laptop screens, motherboards, dead power supply units, laptop keyboards, etc.
We do not at this time repair phones or broken phone screens.
Depending on the type of repair it may take a few days to a few weeks depending on the parts needed and the shipping time.

Onsite Services:  We can come out to your residence or business to fix small problems.
If the problem is complex or will take a long time to fix, we suggest letting us take the problem device(s) back to the shop for the repair. Once repaired you may come pick up your device(s).

Remote Administration: This is ideal for small business. We use ScreenConnect which is a secure pc remote control tool. This tool allows us to login to your system and troubleshoot issues and often times fix them without having to come onsite or have you bring the device in. This service is used for businesses which are charged monthly and billed quarterly.

Data Recovery:  We can attempt to recover accidental data deletion or attempt to pull data from a failing hard drive.  Recovering data from flash media or a solid state drive is very difficult and this process will take time and will be costly.

ID Card Printing:  We can print full color, black and white, front and back id cards for your businesses employees.  Contact us for more details.